Introducing the BlackBerry Priv

A business man walks and talks on his smartphone

BlackBerry officially released its new security-focuses Android smartphone, BlackBerry Priv, in early November. By adding an Android smartphone to their hardware portfolio, they are hoping to strengthen their presence in the United States, where big players like Apple and Samsung have taken a strangehold on the market. The Canadian company is hoping that combining the […]

An Introduction to Quickbooks’ Cloud/Desktop Hybrid App

A whiteboard sketch of desktops connected to the cloud

QuickBooks is the #1 accounting solution for small businesses in Canada. Though it originally functioned as native desktop software in the 1990s, QuickBooks Online was launched in 2000 to capitalize on the connectivity features of a browser-based platform. However, the move to cloud servers sacrificed speed and advanced options such as keyboard shortcuts that made […]

Microsoft’s New Product Line – The Surface Book

A laptop in at an office desk

Recently, Microsoft made a big jump into the hardware game by introducing the Surface Book, their new laptop. Microsoft hopes to gain market share over Apple with the launch of this versatile and high-performance product. The twist with the Surface Book is that it’s not just a laptop, but a hybrid of a laptop and […]

Consumer Laptops versus Business Laptops: Why the Price Difference?

A man and woman work on laptops in an office

We get a lot of questions from clients about why business class systems are more expensive than your average consumer laptop. If you can just walk into a big box store and grab a laptop off the shelf for $500, why would you bother spending more on a heavy-duty business laptop? Of course, when that […]

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