How to Successfully Implement New Software

Implement software

Businesses update their software to replace outdated systems and to modernize supporting IT resources. They also implement new systems in hopes of benefitting from internal efficiencies through added features and better workflow. The problem is some companies rush their implementation and wind up costing their business a lot of money. Follow these four software implementation […]

The Most Alarming Cybersecurity Risks of 2015

Cybersecurity risks

Our personal information is stored in so many places online these days, which is why cybersecurity has never been more important. With hackers getting more crafty and sinister, it is important to understand the top cybersecurity risks for this year and how to prevent your sensitive data from being targeted: Weak Passwords and Password Recovery […]

Why Cloud Hosting is Undeniably Better

Cloud hosting

Should you get hit by a disaster, a lack of proper data backup could mean the end of your business. A data backup strategy should be part of every business’ contingency plan. Here is why the cloud is better than any other option: Better Data Availability Backing up to an internal drive or an external […]

When Should Your Business Migrate to the Cloud?

Cloud migration

We all go through it. Should we do it, should we not? The “what-ifs” are endless. This same thought process applies to deciding when to migrate your business to the cloud. There are many things to consider before taking the plunge. Consider these factors compiled by Ottawa IT services to determine when the time is […]

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