Introducing Apple’s Latest iPhone Smart Battery Case

A man's hands holding his iPhone, which has a large battery icon reading 100%

It isn’t typically Apple’s “thing” to launch a new product under the radar. I think we are all intimately familiar with the “Next Big Thing” style presentations that Steve Jobs really helped to pioneer, and ever since his passing the company has tried to replicate these types of experiences. However, a recent addition to the […]

Microsoft Outlook on the Web Feature Updates

A young woman, sitting outdoors, using her smartphone smiles down at it

Microsoft really seems to be hitting the sweet spot with almost everything that they touch these days. The general consensus is that Windows 10 is the very best version of a Microsoft operating system ever released, and maybe the best operating system available on the planet right now. The Microsoft Surface line of hybrid devices […]

Recapping CES 2016

People mingle around a lit up ZTE booth at the Consumer Electronics Trade Show

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is an electronics and technology trade show that attracts major companies and industry professionals from all across the globe. The annual show takes place each January at the Las Vegas Convention Center. CES is the place to be to view some of the industry’s leading technology. You will find product […]

5 Tips to Revolutionize your Outlook Experience

A person types as illustrated envelopes float out of their keyboard

Microsoft Outlook is the most popular desktop email application for users around the world. It’s popular, but that doesn’t mean it’s being used to its full potential. Here are some easy tips to take your Outlook experience to the next level: Copy paste even faster Users in a hurry or who want to be as […]

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